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CCI-4 Coffee Credit Interface

CCI-4 The CCI-4 (Coffee Credit Interface) is used to connect the coffee machine to a parallel coin acceptor. CCI-4 represents a very cost-optimized variant for the coin payment for controllers with serial interface.
Host sided (coffee machine) CCI-4 communicates via a RS232 interface using CCI/CSI protocol, which is supported by almost all noted manufacturers of coffee machines in the gastronomic and office segment.
The coin acceptor interface supports all known devices of NRI G40, Mars CF330, Fage etc.
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CCI-4 Configurator

CCI-4 Configurator The CCI-4 Configurator is a practical PC tool to configure the CCI-4. Various parameters (currency, decimale place, coin channel, maximal credit, and so on) and of course the prices can be read and write back in the CCI-4. The configuration can be saved in a file. A firmware update of CCI-4 can also be done via that tool.
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